Self-Frosting Nutella (Cup)cakes


Today I had a baking learning experience.  I got up and was pumped up to make Nutella Bran muffins (

I’d made these muffins a couple of times before, but today I wanted to try altering the recipe a little to add something new to the mix, and what goes better with chocolate than strawberries? So I added some fresh strawberries to the batter, spooned it into muffin cups, and put it in the oven.  After a few minutes I started to suspect things weren’t turning out as I had hoped.  I could hear the muffins sizzling and they were clearly getting much more done on the outside than on the inside.  When they finally came out of the oven they were black on the top (set off the smoke alarm thrice), and completely gooey on the inside.

So, what I learned is that you should be careful when adding fresh fruit to a recipe because a lot of water gets released from strawberries during cooking, which makes the better a lot thinner than the original recipe intends.

I refused to give up though, even after my failure, and instead made this recipe:

New and Improved: Self-frosting Nutella Cupcakes!

The recipe is for cupcakes, but I made it into a cake (since my muffin pan was getting cleaned).  Enjoy!


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