Poppy Seed Muffins

Hello everyone!  It’s been a pretty chill weekend.  I’ve gotten some of my favorite relaxing things: reading Stephen King, watching Netflix, and of course baking.  Today I made poppy seed muffins.  I wasn’t as adventurous in terms of adding extra ingredients today, so luckily they turned out as they were supposed to instead of looking like the Earth’s crust at Yellowstone (burnt and cracked thin exterior covering boiling hot liquid).

Here’s the recipe I used!


And if you have an impending drug test coming up, don’t worry too much because apparently the false positive results induced by eating poppy seeds looks different on a drug test than actually using opiates (but I got that info from the all-knowing Wikipedia, so you may want to just hold off on these until after your test).

IMG_20140427_141203502_HDR IMG_20140427_141124443

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