Birthday Cake!

Hello all!  Well the big party was Friday night and I decided to make pink lemonade cake.  It definitely had a nice zesty sweet and sour taste and of course I added a little extra pink color (those who know me know that pink is my favorite color).  My roommate said it looked like a frosted animal cracker.  I’ll let you be the judge.  Here is the recipe!  Enjoy!



Chocolate Cupcakes With Nutella Frosting

Here is the next installment in my cupcake quest.  Nutella seems to have gotten more and more popular in the U.S. over the last few years and frosting has always been popular as far as I’m aware.  Therefore, Nutella frosting must just be the bees’ knees.  

To make the cupcakes extra chocolately, I also added chocolate chips.  I suppose you can never have too much chocolate!

Here’s the recipe, enjoy!

Chocolate Cupcakes with Creamy Nutella Frosting.

IMG_20140816_111159594 IMG_20140816_111220485

Coconut Cupcakes

Hello again all.  Today I decided to continue my cupcake quest with a recipe I’ve never made before.  Coconut seems to be a polarizing ingredient.  Some people hate it, others love it.  I fall in the latter camp.  Give me a piña colada on a beach or a coconut cream pie any day.  Once, in New York, I got a coconut with a straw stuck in it and walked around drinking the milk right out of the coconut.  If more people did that instead of drinking bottled water or soda, think how much we could reduce the number of plastic bottles and metal cans we use.

Anyway, I digress…Here is the recipe!

IMG_20140809_130029666_HDR IMG_20140809_130035597_HDR

Marble Cupcakes

These were not quite as labor-intensive as the cake I made last week, but I still got an opportunity to exercise my burgeoning pastry decorating skills with these cupcakes.  I have to say, I think it’s the best frosting job I’ve done before.  Frosting can be challenging because it’s messy and depending on the consistency it can either lose its swirly shape on the cupcake or else be too thick to come out of the frosting bag.

I want to try making a few different cake/cupcake recipes because we’re having a birthday party at my house soon and I want to figure a good cake to make.

Here is the blog that I got the recipe from, enjoy!

Ultimate Marble Cupcakes.

IMG_20140802_101941377 IMG_20140802_101947861