Fudgy Cake Pops

I decided to try something new yesterday.  I was a little nervous about trying cake pops because the ones in Starbucks are so beautiful and I am not super confident in my cake decorating ability.  It never turns out looking as good as the pictures in the recipe do.  But, I figured the only way I could get better is by trying.  Plus, I was teaching Sunday School again and I couldn’t really imagine kids loving any snack more than one that combines cake and lollipops.  Maybe cake in an ice cream cone?  So I used my new cake pop pan and set to make the recipe found on the back of the label for the pan (found here: https://www.nordicware.com/recipe/fudgy-cake-pops/#.VDHb91aFUlI).

The result may not have been quite as beautiful as the recipe pictures, but I’d still say they turned out pretty good!  The kids definitely liked them, and hopefully my co-workers will like them tomorrow as well.

Cake Pop 2 Cake Pop 1

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