Grandmother’s Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

To be honest, this is not a recipe that my grandmother made.  However, I’m going to assume that whoever originally posted the recipe had a grandmother who did make these cookies.  My own (maternal) grandmother baked many delicious things and probably would’ve made these if I’d asked her to though.  My (paternal) grandmother is talented in many ways, but I have to say I’ve never known her to be much of a baker.  She’s an extraordinary artist so I’ll bet if I’d asked her to paint a picture of these cookies she would’ve done that though.

So  I am grateful to whoever the original “grandmother” was who came up with this recipe.  These cookies were very popular when I brought them to work with me.

Here’s the recipe!

IMG_20150131_114307847 IMG_20150131_114348005_HDR IMG_20150131_114404568

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