Hershey’s Chocolate Cake

Hey all,

A few weeks back I was give a pack of five small 6-inch circular cake pans* to make a layer cake.  Last weekend I got around to making one.  I have to say that whenever I make cakes I am always disappointed with my inability to make them look as beautiful as all of the pictures you see on other baking blogs and in recipe books.  I can never do the frosting quite right and instead of having a smooth cylindrical cake I always end up with something that looks like a frosted slinky.

But, I don’t think the beauty affects the taste, and it’s really just an excuse to keep baking and trying to get better each time I do it!  Here is the chocolate cake (and recipe) I made.  I hope you enjoy!

*Side Note: I think that Wilton has like a monopoly on all baking pans/utensils because all of the good stuff comes from them.

IMG_20150307_100632963_HDR (1)


Cowboy Cookies

I’m not really sure how these guys got the name “cowboy” cookies.  Whenever I think of what cowboys eat I usually come up with stuff like…beef jerky…pork and beans…maybe wild berries they find out on the trail or something.  Although, I suppose modern day cowboys maybe bring stuff with them like granola bars and trail mix, which is kind of in line with what these are.  Another name for these might be “Oatmeal Cookies on steroids.”  These oatmeal cookies are full of not just raisins, not just chocolate chips, not just nuts, but all of these (plus coconut!).  I don’t think the old school cowboys had access to coconuts on the plains or in the mountains but they probably wish they had.

I hope that you enjoy them!  The pictures I have are actually cookie bars, the same recipe but baked in a 9×13 inch pan.


IMG_20150228_155957224 IMG_20150228_160321775