Hershey’s Chocolate Cake

Hey all,

A few weeks back I was give a pack of five small 6-inch circular cake pans* to make a layer cake.  Last weekend I got around to making one.  I have to say that whenever I make cakes I am always disappointed with my inability to make them look as beautiful as all of the pictures you see on other baking blogs and in recipe books.  I can never do the frosting quite right and instead of having a smooth cylindrical cake I always end up with something that looks like a frosted slinky.

But, I don’t think the beauty affects the taste, and it’s really just an excuse to keep baking and trying to get better each time I do it!  Here is the chocolate cake (and recipe) I made.  I hope you enjoy!

*Side Note: I think that Wilton has like a monopoly on all baking pans/utensils because all of the good stuff comes from them.

IMG_20150307_100632963_HDR (1)

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