White Chocolate Brownies

I was curious about what the difference is between a blondie and a brownie because I suppose some people would look at these and call them blondes.  According to Wikipedia a blondie is like a brownie, but with vanilla substituted for the cocoa and contain brown sugar.  So, I don’t think these are truly blondies because they don’t have brown sugar and still contain chocolate.  BUT then you get into the whole controversy about whether or not white chocolate is truly chocolate.  People seem to be divided into two camps on that front.

Quite frankly, I really don’t care what you call them.  They are rich, sweet, and delicious.  I hope you can see past the meddlesome details of semantics and just enjoy making these and eating them.  Here’s the recipe!

IMG_20150510_105355722 IMG_20150509_112552579

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