Peach Cake

Well it’s definitely summer here with the temperatures hitting the triple digits most days.  A lot of people hate the extreme heat, but personally I’m willing to go through a couple months of heat in exchange for not having an extreme winter to deal with.

One thing I think everyone would agree is great about the summer though is peaches.  Peaches are in season here and of all of the simple, sweet pleasures in life peaches have got to be pretty high on the list.  You know what else is pretty high on the list?  Cake.  Therefore, eating peach cake has got to bring you pretty close to total enlightenment.  Try it for yourself.  Here is the recipe.  Enjoy!

IMG_20150627_105154284 IMG_20150627_105304486


Brownie Cupcakes

One day a brownie was walking down the street and it came across a sign that said “CUPCAKE PARTY THIS WAY!”  The brownie, having always admired cupcakes, with their twirled frosted tops and light, crumbly insides, followed the signs.  However, when he got to the building where the party was, he was greeted by a bouncer, who told him, “NO SQUARES ALLOWED!”  Feeling utterly dejected, the brownie crossed the street and sat on a bench, lamenting his lot in life.  Suddenly, he felt a shadow cross him and looked up.  Standing before him was the most  most beautiful cupcake he’d ever seen.  She had light yellow frosting, swirled to a perfect peak atop a round cake enclosed in a fitted paper liner.

She asked him, “why are you crying?”

He replied, “I’m not allowed to go to the cupcake party because I’m a brownie…and I’m square.”

The cupcake smiled, “Oh, that’s no problem.  Anything can be a cupcake.  All you need is this.”  She pulled a fresh cupcake liner from her purse.  “Get into this and you will become the richest, most chocolatey cupcake ever seen.”

The brownie smiled.  He got into the cupcake liner.  It was a little awkward at first, but soon he felt like a true cupcake.

“Come on,” said the cupcake, “let’s go to the party.”

“No thanks,” said the brownie, “I don’t want to go to a party where a bunch of bigots discriminate against brownies.”

And, with that, he walked into the sunset flaunting his beautiful new cupcake liner, in search of a party where all desserts are welcome.

With that, here’s the recipe to make your own cupcake brownies.  I hope you enjoy and appreciate your brownies no matter what shape they are.

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