Nutella Banana Muffins

I have made lots of things that incorporate Nutella and even more things that incorporate bananas, but I was shocked to find out that I had never made anything that combines the two together.  I think that one of the first things I published on this blog was Double Chocolate Banana Bread.  However, there was no Nutella in that, so it doesn’t count.

But, better late than never.  Here they are in all their glory: Nutella Banana Muffins!  I added in hazelnuts just to augment the hazelnuttiness provided by the Nutella and also to give them a little extra crunch.

nutellabananamuffin1 nutellabananamuffin2


Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

At my house we’ve got a lot to celebrate in August.  Three birthdays plus my housemate’s graduation were all good reasons to have a PARTY!  Not that we actually NEED a reason to have a party.  However,  a party we had- which meant an opportunity to bake party treats.

At our birthday party last year I made Pink Lemonade Cake.  This year I didn’t feel like doing a cake, so I found a new recipe for cupcakes instead.  If you like Nutella, you’ll LOVE these cupcakes because there’s Nutella in the cupcakes and the frosting.  Here’s the recipe, enjoy!

IMG_20150821_173600030 IMG_20150821_173623371

Bread Pudding

So the other day I was at a different store than the one I normally go to.  I needed bread, so I bought a loaf that looked approximately like the kind I would normally buy.  I make a lot of sandwiches, but don’t really use bread for much else.

So, I got home, opened the bread bag, and took out two pieces of bread that were approximately 3/4 of the size of a normal piece of bread.  I quickly realized that this bread was not big enough to make regular sandwiches-maybe those mini hors d’oeuvres sandwiches you’d get at a fancy party or something…or a sandwich for a toddler.

I hate throwing out food, so I began looking for recipe that incorporated bread pieces (I figured I could feed it to the ducks if nothing else).  I found a lot of recipes for stuffing, bread crumbs, croutons, etc…but the only baking recipe I could find was bread pudding.

Whenever I think of bread pudding I always think about the scene from “A Christmas Carol” where Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas Present are watching the Cratchit family have their Christmas dinner.

Oh, a wonderful pudding! Bob Cratchit said, and calmly too, that he regarded it as the greatest success achieved by Mrs Cratchit since their marriage. […]Everybody had something to say about it, but nobody said or thought it
was at all a small pudding for a large family. It would have been flat heresy to do so.

Bread pudding turned out to be really easy to make and it was a big hit when I served it at church.

So God bless us every one!  Here’s the recipe.

breadpudding1 (1)


Mango Muffins

Ahhhh….mangoes.  I went to Nicaragua once and there were mango trees EVERYWHERE.  I would love to live in a place where you could, like, just pick a mango and eat it whenever you wanted.  Thanks to modern refrigeration technology and our ability to travel long distances in short amounts of time, mangoes are available to those of us who don’t live in a region that grows mangoes.  I recently had some extra frozen mango pieces (I had originally bought them to make fruity summer drinks with rum) and I figured (as I often do) that the best thing to do with them (besides making more alcoholic beverages) would be to bake with them.  So here are my mango muffins!  I hope you also make them and enjoy them!

IMG_20150801_090435463 IMG_20150801_090443361