Coconut Banana Bread

Hi all!

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  I’ve still been baking, but haven’t made a new recipe lately.  Also, I’ve been preoccupied with MY NEW PUPPY!  His name is Bernie Flanders and he is a cream colored long-haired dachshund.  He is the best dog ever and I love him so much.

IMG_20151001_155536736   IMG_20151001_122413998

Now that you have seen the cutest puppy ever, here are the latest coconut banana muffins I made.  I’ve made coconut things before and I’ve made banana things before, but i don’t think I’ve made exclusively coconut banana muffins before.  I’m sure Bernie Flanders would like them and I hope you do too!

IMG_20151001_173607143   IMG_20151001_173613579

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