Sparkling Peppermint Cookies

Well, I’d say we’re pretty solidly in the Christmas season now.  That means it’s time to bust out the carols, Christmas trees, wreaths, mangers, ornaments, etc…In terms of baking it’s time to transition from pumpkin to things like eggnog, ginger, and…peppermint!

Ah yes, peppermint.  What would Christmas be without candy canes?  Well, it would still be Christmas; but, nonetheless, peppermint is a very Christmassy flavor.  However, I was always annoyed by candy canes because they are super difficult to unwrap and I could never seem to finish one.  I would suck on it to a certain point where the candy cane would always be too small to hold but too big to swallow.

So, if you want the flavor of a candy cane unfettered by the inherent difficulties of sucking on an actual candy cane (and you also like cookies) you should totally make these cookies.  They are easy and sure to be a hit!

Merry Christmas!  (If you don’t celebrate Christmas I wish you joy in the season of whatever holidays you choose to celebrate-and hope that regardless of what holiday you celebrate you are still able to enjoy pepperminty treats).

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