Cardamom Crumb Cake

Walking out of church one Sunday, Yolanda noticed a sign for a youth group bake sale fundraiser going on in the foyer.  Since she had not had breakfast and liked supporting the youth group, she wandered over to see what was for sale.

As she approached, a young girl sitting behind the table smiled.

“Hi Mrs.  Vizzini, how are you?”

Yolanda returned the smile, “Well, I’m pretty hungry, what have you got for sale?”

The girl (Natalie?  Yolanda was pretty sure her name was Natalie) said, “Well, we have 6 loaves of banana bread, 12 batches of chocolate chip cookies, and 3 pans of Rice Krispy treats”

Yoland frowned.  She wasn’t in the mood for cookies and Rice Krispy treats.  It was only 10 AM and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t justify eating cookies for breakfast.  She loved bananas, but was allergic.

“Is there anything else? ” she asked, unexpectantly.

“Well,” Natalie replied, “Some lady dropped off that one cake over there.  I don’t know how to pronounce the name though.  Carmadon?  Carmbodon?”

Yolanda wandered over to the cake in question.  She read the label and immediately recognized “cardamom.”  She smiled.  She smiled.  She had spent 2 years in the Peace Corps, serving in New Delhi and had developed a fondness for the exotic spiciness of cardamom.

“I’ll take that!”  She exclaimed.

Natalie looked at her uncertainly.  “Are you sure?”

“Of course!  Cardamom is a wonderful spice.  I only wish I had the recipe for this cake.  I’ve never had a cake with cardamom.”

Natalie smiled, “Well, luckily the lady who brought this cake gave me this card with the recipe on it and told me to give it to the person who bought the cake!  Here you go!”

Yolanda took the small index card.  “Thank you!  Who was the lady who made this cake?”

Natalie frowned.  “I don’t know her name, all she said was that the cake was definitely not gluten free.”


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