Plum Jam Muffins

I’ve made these a couple of times.  Usually I use “holy plum jam” that was made from the plum tree that used to be on the premises of my church (and made by one of my good church friends).  Unfortunately, the plum tree had to be removed when the church was renovated, so we made need to find a new plum tree.  This time I used Trader Joes Peach Jam and Blueberry Jam.  They may not be “holy” muffins, but they’re still pretty good.  Enjoy!


Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Green may not be the most “Valentine’s Day” color, but whatever.  I didn’t hear anyone complain at the Valentine’s Day fundraiser bake sale when I made these cupcakes.  Who doesn’t like mint chocolate chip?  And if you don’t like mint chocolate chip you could also try red velvet (a recipe I have posted previously).  Although if you had the red velvet ones you’d have to deal with those poor little cupcakes staring at you as you devour them.


Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are no ordinary chocolate chip cookies.  They have a secret ingredient in them.  You’ll never guess what it is.  Nope, sorry it’s a secret.  You’ll never guess.  What’s that?  Oh…it’s in the title.  Note to self: don’t include the secret ingredient in the title…or at least disguise it.  I should’ve called them Spreadable fermented mammary secretion chocolate chip cookies.  That would sell, right?

Anyway, yes, these cookies have cream cheese in them for an added twist to a classic.  Enjoy!