Raspberry Scones

I was listening to a cooking radio show about scones the other day.  The guest was talking about the history of scones and what “traditional” scones are like.  They have origins in England (also Scotland) and are traditionally plain, dry, simple-not super sweet or decadent.

Well…these scones would probably not be considered “traditional” by a true English(wo)man’s standards.  They have fresh raspberries in them, making them denser and more moist than a typical “scone.”  While they may not be traditional, I would argue that they are more versatile than a traditional scone.  They can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert.  They don’t need to be soaked in tea or coffee in order to be swallowed.  So, if you like raspberries, these are a must-try.  They are super easy to make and delicious.  Enjoy!

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