Mini Meyer Lemon Cakes

I recently received an awesome miniature bundt cake pan as a gift.  Or, maybe it’s called a mini-fluted pan.  Whatever it’s called, it makes these adorable little doughnut-esque cakes.  For my first recipe I made these little lemon cakes.  They turned out great and can be served individually, no knife required.  I’m looking forward to making more of these little cakes with different recipes.  Enjoy!


Brownie Bottom Cheesecake Bars

I feel like mash-up foods have been really popular lately (i.e. macaroni and cheeseburgers or how about grilled cheese hamburgers?) If you can’t choose between two things just smash them together and eat both.  It’s a perfect solution for the indecisive.

In this case we’ve got a brownie covered with cheesecake.  Who says you should have to choose between the two when you can have both?  Enjoy!