Mini Meyer Lemon Cakes

I recently received an awesome miniature bundt cake pan as a gift.  Or, maybe it’s called a mini-fluted pan.  Whatever it’s called, it makes these adorable little doughnut-esque cakes.  For my first recipe I made these little lemon cakes.  They turned out great and can be served individually, no knife required.  I’m looking forward to making more of these little cakes with different recipes.  Enjoy!


Cold Chocolate Snacking Cake

This recipe is billed as a “cake,” but everyone who saw it referred to it as a “brownie.”  I suppose we could go into a philosophical debate about the point in which a cake reaches a high enough density to be called a brownie, but it’s probably just easier to enjoy without thinking about it too much.  If you insist on defining it maybe we could think of a new word (Cownie?  Brake?) Basically, if you like chocolate I think you’ll like this.  Enjoy!

Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

These “brownies” were intense.  I suppose you could also call it a cheesecake…or a really dense red velvet cake-whatever floats your boat.  Although, I’m not sure these brownies would be floating on any boats.  They are dense, rich, and very moist.  I’m fairly certain they’d sink in water.  These were also really awesome because the swirled look makes them look very professional, despite being very easy to make.


Peach Cake

Well it’s definitely summer here with the temperatures hitting the triple digits most days.  A lot of people hate the extreme heat, but personally I’m willing to go through a couple months of heat in exchange for not having an extreme winter to deal with.

One thing I think everyone would agree is great about the summer though is peaches.  Peaches are in season here and of all of the simple, sweet pleasures in life peaches have got to be pretty high on the list.  You know what else is pretty high on the list?  Cake.  Therefore, eating peach cake has got to bring you pretty close to total enlightenment.  Try it for yourself.  Here is the recipe.  Enjoy!

IMG_20150627_105154284 IMG_20150627_105304486